The City Council of Jávea wants to recover the Castell de la Granadella

The City Council of Jávea wants to recover the Castell de la Granadella

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The Department of Culture of the City Council of Jávea has commented that it is studying recover the Castell de la Granadella, an 18th century fort that was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 1996.

The Castell de la Granadella was part of the defensive system of the Valencian coasts, and at the moment it is the only structure of defensive use of public property that is conserved in the coast of Jávea.

Like other fortifications in the area, the Castell was mined during the Napoleonic WarsAnd that's where its destruction comes from, and not because of neglect as is often thought, or as it happens with other fortifications in the country.

Although it is in the preliminary phase, a quality intervention is necessary in this fortress, since the last intervention dates from 2004, when excavations promoted by the Soler Blasco Museum.

Via Jávea City Council.

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