Who were the Heliades in Greek mythology?

Who were the Heliades in Greek mythology?

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The Heliades were the daughters of Helios and the nymph Climene.

There were seven: Lampetia, Helie, Mérope, Phoebe, Eteria, Egle and Dioxipe. Other sources, however, name only three: Egle, Faetusa and Lampetia.

In 'The odyssey', Faetusa and Lampetia are considered as daughters of the nymph Neera.

According to the myth, when Phaeton, his brother, died when he tried to drive his father Helios' car, the Heliades wept for four months.

The gods, contrite, they turned them into poplars (or alders), and her tears were turned into amber.

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