Car crashes into a moai on Easter Island causing "incalculable" damage

Car crashes into a moai on Easter Island causing

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A Chilean resident in Rapa Nui was arrested last week after crash your car into one of Easter Island's iconic moai statues, destroying the platform he was on and causing damage «incalculable" to this World Heritage, according to the indigenous community Ma’u Henua.

The president of the community, Camilo Rapu, stated that they are «very sad and indignant«, Stating that they have«taken all legal action»And they wait for the authorities to punish the offender«in exemplary form, so that this does not happen again«.

Although the first reports pointed to the intentional nature of the incident, the authorities later clarified that the owner of the vehicle, who had a faulty handbrake, put a stone in the tire to keep the car from going downhill.

However, when he pulled it out to get the car, it escaped and moved rapidly until it hit the holy place.

Restrict vehicle access on Easter Island

The offender was accused of damage to national monument and will have to stay in Rapa Nui and appear monthly at a police station.

In addition, you will have to pay a fine and face «other criminal consequences“, Which will be determined after the investigation that the Prosecutor's Office will complete in 90 days, said the regional secretary of the Ministry of National Assets, Rosario Pérez.

For his part, mayor of Easter Island, Pedro Edmunds, has announced that he will resume his initiative proposed eight years ago from restrict vehicle access to the archaeological site.

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