Who is Ilmatar in the mythology of Finland?

Who is Ilmatar in the mythology of Finland?

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Ilmatar is one of the best known deities in Finnish mythology for her great participation in the Kalevala, being the creator of the world in the Finnish creation myth and also Väinämöinen's mother.

Actually, there is not a single Ilmatar, but the Ilmataras are virgin spirits of the air that live in the sky according to the Kalevala.

As we discussed in the Finnish creation myth, Ilmatar, bored from the sky, it falls on the sea. In it, the wind begins to blow and in the waves, the sea fecundates it, thus giving birth to Väinämöinen.

In addition, when it was floating, an eagle lays six golden eggs and one iron on its knees.

On the third day,Ilmatar feels a burning heat on his skin and, as he bent his knee, the eggs crashed into the waves.

Thepieces of eggs They formed the Earth from its lower part, and the Sky from the upper part, while the Sun from its yellow pieces, the Moon from the white ones, and the stars and clouds from others.

In poetry Väinämöinen was born in Ilmatar as an old man

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