Short Biography of Archaeologist Theodor Wiegand

Short Biography of Archaeologist Theodor Wiegand

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Theodor Wiegand (Bendorf am Rhein, 1864-Berlin, 1936), was a German archaeologist famous for being responsible for the large excavations in Asia such as Priene, Miletus, Petra, Samos, Baalbek and Palmyra.

He was director of the Museum of Ancient Art in Berlin and later of the German Archaeological Institute.

He published fundamental works with the results of these excavations.

After studying History at the University and after many previous tests, Red Historia was born, a project that emerged as a means of dissemination where you can find the most important news of archeology, history and humanities, as well as articles of interest, curiosities and much more. In short, a meeting point for everyone where they can share information and continue learning.

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