A 37-meter cat is the new geoglyph discovered in the Nazca lines

A 37-meter cat is the new geoglyph discovered in the Nazca lines

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It is estimated that the feline belongs to the Paracas culture and was carved long before the most famous zoomorphic figures.

The Ministry of Culture of Peru announced this Thursday the discovery of a new figure in the Nazca Pampa, which corresponds to a figurative geoglyph in the shape of a cat about 37 meters long.drawn on the slopes of a hill.

The ministry's archaeologists made the discovery by chance while remodeling work was being carried out on the natural lookout, from which visitors can see part of the gigantic Nazca lines.

The discovery was made at the beginning of the year, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the cleaning and conservation activities of the figure that remained hidden from view could only be completed in recent weeks.

"The figure was barely visible and was about to disappear because it is located on a fairly steep slope and due to the effects of natural erosion," Culture staff said in a statement.

The strokes representa cat with the body in profile and the head in front, whose features were well marked by a line about 30 to 40 centimeters wide.

The feline is estimatedit was carved between 100 to 200 years before our era, long before the famous figures of other animals such as the monkey or the bird belonging to the Nazca culture, and for hundreds of years it remained intact in the middle of the desert.

The evidence indicates that the cat belongs to the Paracas culture, which preceded the Nazca culture by several centuries, to whom the best-known geoglyphs in this region are attributed. Representations of felines of this type are frequent in the iconography of ceramics and textiles of the Paracas society.

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