Prophet Muhammad Timeline

Prophet Muhammad Timeline

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  • 570

    Muhammad is born in Mecca.

  • 610

    Muhammad receives his first revelation on Mount Hira.

  • 622

    Muhammad undertakes the Hegira (Hijra), the migration from Mecca to Medina, establishing the start of the Islamic calendar.

  • 624

    Battle of Badr: Muhammad's forces win, resulting in a turning point for Islam against the ruling Quraysh tribe.

  • 625

    Battle of Uhud: Quraysh tribe defeats the Muslims.

  • 627

    Battle of the Trench: Quraysh troops attempt to siege Medina (then called Yathrib), but lose to the Muslim force.

  • 627

    Siege of Bani Qurayzah: Muslims capture the Jewish stronghold.

  • 628

    Treaty of Hudaybiyyah: A peace agreement is signed between Muhammad's Muslims and the people of Mecca.

  • 628

    Conquest of Khaybar oasis: Jews barricade themselves in a fort at Khaybar oasis and are allowed to remain living there if they pay the Muslims one third of their produce.

  • 629

    First Pilgrimage ("lesser" pilgrimage or "umrah") made by Muhammad and his Muslims to Mecca after migrating to Medina.

  • 629

    Battle of Mu'tah: Muslims attempt to capture the village east of the Jordan River from the Byzantine Empire to show their expanding dominance, resulting in a Muslim defeat.

  • 630

    Non-violent conquest of Mecca: The Quraysh realize that the Muslims now greatly outnumber them and allow the Muslims to capture their city, Mecca, and rule it as they please.

  • 630

    Battle of Hunayn: Ending in a decisive victory for the Muslims over the Bedouin tribe of Hawazin.

  • 630

    Attempted Siege of Ta'if: Muhammad's forces are initially unable to siege Ta'if and convert its people to Islam.

  • 632

    "Farewell Hajj Pilgrimage": This is the only Hajj pilgrimage in which Muhammad participates.

  • 632

    Muhammad dies in Medina, not clearly naming a successor to lead the Muslim people.

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