How large was Henry the Fowler's army?

How large was Henry the Fowler's army?

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About how many fighting men was Henry the Fowler, King of East Frankia (919 - 936) and Duke of Saxony (912 - 936) able to field during a given campaign?


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Photograph Collection List

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Alphabetical List of Photograph Collections


Abernethy, Raymond T. [RG2918]

Arhenbach-Conlee-Reed Family [RG5628]

Adams, Merlen Eugene, 1882- [RG2926]

Aero Service Corp (Philadelphia, PA) [RG4979]

Alan Landsburg Productions [RG3320]

Albers, Arthur Theodore, 1895-1983 [RG5435]

Aldrich, Chester Hardy [RG2943]

Allen, Katherine Fay Worley, 1876-1971 [RG2949]

Allen, Mary Elizabeth Bryan, 1873-1962 [RG2952]

Allen, Thomas Stinson, 1865-1945 [RG3804]

Allison, Winthrop Theodore, 1900-1978 [RG5174]

Altrusa International Club. Lincoln, Nebraska [RG1749]

American Legion. Nebraska Department. Lincoln, Nebraska [RG2959]

American Red Cross (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5780]

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission [RG2960]

American Volga Relief Society. Lincoln, Nebraska [RG4879]

Anderson Studio (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG2893]

Anderson, Hector, 1884- [RG2966]

Anderson, Robert Ball, 1843-1930 [RG2973]

Anderson, Victor Emanuel, 1902-1962 [RG2977]

Andrews, Howard Lurton, 1853-1937 [RG2981]

Angle, Everett, 1896- [RG2984]

Angus, Nebraska Mammoth [RG1697]

Antique Tractor Show and Demonstration [RG5185]

Armstrong, Pauline M. Bloom [RG4877]

Arrigo Family (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG6043]

Auburn Machine Works [RG2769]

Avery, Nellie Leech, 1879-1960 [RG2671]

Bailey, Lillian Dean [RG1911]

Baker, Frederique Caroline Stenger, 1892-1986 [RG5260]

Barbour, E.H. (Erwin Hinckley), 1856-1947 [RG5255]

Barden, Dorothy, 1903- [RG3046]

Barker, Fanny Schamp [RG3050]

Barnes (Barns) Family [RG4009]

Barnes Aerial Surveys (Wichita, Kansas) [RG5173]

Barnes, Francis M., -1916 [RG3053]

Bartleson, Nellie Strobel [RG5231]

Bartling, Frank August, 1885- [RG3063]

Barwick-Johnson Families [RG5632] Finding Aid pdf

Bates, Al - KFAB Radio (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG4006]

Bates, Henry Y. (Henry Young), 1853-1930 [RG5156]

Bayerlein-Messenger Family [RG3073]

Beauvais, Germinian Pierre [RG4570]

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska High School Alumni [RG5373]

Beerman, Ralph F. (Ralph Frederick), 1912-1977 [RG3089]

Beetem, Moree, 1903-1949 [RG5398]

Belden, George Pfouts, 1844-1871 [RG0741]

Bell, Earl Hoyt, 1903- [RG3094]

Bennett, Chester Otis, 1891-1956 [RG4204]

Bennett, Dallas R., 1920- [RG1732]

Bennett, Joan and Junior (Elmer) [RG5525]

Bereuter, Douglas K. [RG5528]

Berge, Wendell, 1903-1955 [RG3106]

Bergan Family (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5376]

Berniklav, Bohumile, Mrs. [RG3108]

Bessey, Charles Edwin [RG3110]

Bethany High School (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5360]

Beyond The Mississippi [RG3114]

Bixby, Ammi L., 1856-1934 [RG3129]

Black, Oz (Oswald Ragan), 1898-1977 [RG3514]

Blackman, Elmer Ellsworth, 1865?-1942 [RG2948]

Black’s Ranch (Blaine County and Brown County, Nebraska) [RG5648] Finding Aid pdf

Bodie, Fredrick E. (Fredrick Edward), 1878-1961 [RG1821]

Bohlken, Floyd E., 1923- [RG5288]

Borgens, Eddie (Edward George) [RG5207]

Bowen, Kenneth L., 1912- [RG1077]

Boykin, Rowena Bengston [RG4227]

Braden, Dora and Mildred [RG3156]

Brady, Elizabeth, 1881- [RG3159]

Branch, Perry W., Sr., 1899-1971 [RG2953]

Bratt, John P., 1856-1930 [RG1994]

Braziel, T.A. and George [RG3169]

Breuer, Miles John, 1889-1945 [RG0784]

Brininstool, Earl Alonzo, 1870- [RG0789]

Broady, Jefferson Hunsaker, 1844-1908 [RG2958]

Brock, Lawrence, 1906-1968 [RG1781]

Brooks, Archie Glen, 1861-1941 [RG3179]

Brooks, Ralph Gilmour [RG3181]

Brooks-Saunders-Kannow Families [RG5942] Finding Aid pdf

Brown Family (Scottsbluff, Nebraska) [RG5381]

Brown, Laura Carlton Family [RG5132]

Bryan Memorial Hospital. Department Of Radiology [RG5047]

Buckendahl Dairy (Pierce, Nebraska) [RG5205]

Buck-Hoerger Family (Sutton, Nebraska) [RG0902]

Buer, Romona Nadine (Frost), 1916-1993 [RG1593]

Buffalo Bill and The Indians, Or Sitting Bull's History Lesson [RG3212]

Build A Dodds Home [RG3217]

Buildings, Fort Robinson (Nebraska) [RG4956]

Bullock, Flora, 1871-1962 [RG3123]

Bureau of American Ethnology [RG5298]

Burham, L.D., Rev., 1898- [RG3252]

Burke, Edward Raymond, 1880-1968 [RG3253]

Burke, Marguerette R. [RG3502]

Burt, Francis, 1807-1854 [RG3258]

Butcher Family [RG6086] Finding Aid pdf

Butler Avenue Church (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG4095]

Byrne, Clara Schneider [RG3276]

C.W. Swingle & Co., Ltd [RG2695]

Caldwell, Charles Clinton [RG5507]

Callan, Clair Armstrong, 1920- [RG3685]

Camp Strader (Straber?) (Crete, Nebraska) [RG5420]

Campbell, John M., 1915-2001 [RG5369]

Canada to Canal Promotion Car [RG5336]

Candle Light Club (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5820]

Capps, Earl V., 1873-1954 [RG4864]

Carhenge (Alliance, Nebraska) [RG5177]

Carlson, Allie Warner [RG3299]

Carpenter-Colburn Family [RG5257]

Carr, Eugene Asa, 1830-1910 [RG2688]

Carson, Jonny, 1925-2005 [RG4591]

Case, James Dodds, 1875-1953 [RG5304]

Casey, Janet Freese [RG5697]

Cash, Lester Raymond [RG1875]

Cattle Raising on the Plains [RG5210]

Cavett, Dorcas P., 1916- [RG5384]

Center For Nebraska Folk Life [RG4332]

Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District [RG2419]

Central Nebraska Public Power Irrigation District [RG0601]

Chaffee, O.N. (Oliver N.) [RG2950]

Chambers, James, 1855- [RG3400]

Champe, John Leland, 1895-1978 [RG2003]

Chapman, Samuel M., 1839-1907 [RG2974]

Charles Smith Inc. (Exeter, Nebraska) [RG2910]

Chi Omega Sorority [RG1835]

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad [RG0889]

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company [RG5281]

Children Working In The Sugar Beet Fields Of The North Platte Valley, Nebraska [RG3318]

Chrisman, Harry Eugene [RG2640]

Christiensen, James M., Mrs. [RG3426]

Christopher Columbus Society, Inc. (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG6041]

Church, Foster, 1822-1911 [RG2976]

Citizens Commission For The Study Of Higher Education--1984 [RG1892]

Civilian Conservation Corps [RG4259]

Clark(E), Noah Smith Workmen, 1848?-C.1927 [RG3965]

Clark, W. Dale (Wilbur Dale), 1892-1975 [RG3638]

Clements, Betty (Grace Elizabeth) [RG3441]

Clements, Emphraim George [RG3439]

Clements-Gould Family [RG5527]

Cline, David A., 1831- [RG3443]

Cochran, Robert Leroy [RG3447]

Cole, Gilbert L., 1828?- [RG3462]

Colorado State Historical Society [RG3326]

Comstock, John Hay, 1904- [RG0894]

Condon, William M., 1865-1920, and Condon, Nora [RG2637]

Constitutional Conventions [RG0032]

Cook, Charlotte Evelyn Scofield, 1868-1917 [RG5012]

Cook, John, 1849-1928 [RG5144]

Cook, Rhoda Van Fleet [RG5030]

Cook, Steven Edger, 1925- [RG6031]

Cooper Mills (Holdrege, Nebraska) [RG5318]

Copeland, Oren Sturman, 1887-1959 [RG1912]

Corps Of Engineers [RG3498]

Costello, Pauline Z. [RG5050]

Covey, George Worthington, 1889-1966 [RG3504]

Craig, Gertrude and Sadie [RG1788]

Crane, Helen, 1895-1977 [RG5290]

Crawford Tribune (Crawford, Nebraska) [RG4044]

Creigh, Thomas Jr., 1912-2002 [RG4118]

Crete Photo Days, September 9, 1980 [RG5267]

Crook, Geroge, 1830-1890 [RG5303]

Crouse, Lawrence W., 1896- [RG3781]

Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark’s Trip Through Nebraska, 1939 [RG5271]

Cudahy Packing Co. (South Omaha, Nebraska) [RG1605]

Culbertson, Alexander, 1809-1879 [RG0870]

Culver, Jacob H., 1845-1921 [RG0924]

Cunningham, Glenn Clarence, 1912- [RG1849]

Cushman Motors Incorporated (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG3795]

Custer, George Armstrong [RG3808]

Dail, Clarence O. (Clarence Oscar), 1927-2000 [RG5506]

Dakota County, Nebraska [RG3337]

Dale, Raymond Elmer, 1880-1966 [RG2982]

D'allemand, Weldon M. [RG1735]

Davis, Fenton, Strange and Darling [RG3748]

Day, Stephen Delevan, 1883-1960 [RG3600]

De Smet, Father Pierre-Jean, 1801-1873 [RG3865]

Denney, Robert V. (Robert Vernon), 1916- [RG3561]

Denver Public Library [RG3342]

Department of Adult Education, San Jose Unified School District. The Great Plains in Nebraska [RG5442]

Deputron, John C. (John Corey), 1919-1995, [RG1959]

Deweese, Alice C.T. (Alice Christine Towne) [RG3880]

Dibble, Richard, 1836-1908 [RG3099]

Dietrich, Charles H. [RG3886]

Dillon, Duncan W., 1897-1965 [RG6035]

Doane College (Crete, Nebraska) [RG3889]

Donnell, Amos Edwin, 1859-1921 [RG0948]

Donnell, Willis (Bert) and May (Wright) [RG5195]

Dougherty, John, 1791-1860 [RG3902]

Douglas County Medical Society (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG2336]

Drips, George and Zallie [RG3904]

Dubois, William B., -1984 [RG5305]

Dunlap, Pete (Estle Plumb), 1905-1992 [RG5397]

Dunscombe, Frances E. [RG3910]

Dupois, Earl and Dandra [RG5863] Finding Aid pdf

Durland, Helen and Ruth [RG3940]

Earthlodge Reconstructions [RG2881]

Eberspacher, Christian [RG5680]

Edgerton Salazar Family [RG5142]

Edmund-Hagger Family [RG1993]

Edwards-Sweet Family (Palmyra, Nebraska) [RG5885]

Effle, Lester, 1916-1987 [RG5287]

Eis, David J. (David John0, 1923-1954 [RG5323]

Elkhorn Valley on The Sioux City and Pacific Railroad in Nebraska [RG4275]

Ellsworth, Essie E. (Essie Edith), 1880-1974 [RG4279]

Elm Creek, Nebraska [RG4281]

Emerson, J.L. (James Lewis), -1919 [RG5348]

Enersen, L.A. (Lawrence Albert), 1909-1983 [RG5459]

Enslow, George W., 1845-1939 [RG4292]

Evans, Derrell Scott [RG6085]

Extermination of The American Bison [RG3353]

Fairfield, Joseph W. [RG0983]

Farmers Union Cooperative Association (Ponca, Nebraska) [RG1685]

Farmers’ Wives Club (Wausa, Nebraska) [RG4136]

Farriter, Robert J., 187?- [RG0992]

Faulkner Family (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5146]

Feistner, Guy and Mildred [RG4994]

Fennel, Claude J. & Lou (Williams) [RG5249]

Filley, Horace Clyde, 1878- [RG4310]

Findley, Palmer, 1868- [RG2607]

First Christian Church (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG4061]

First Lutheran Church (Avoca, Nebraska) [RG4037]

Fleet Foote Oil Co. (Hastings, Nebraska) [RG5168]

Fleischmann, Glen Harvey, 1909-1985 [RG4228]

Fleming, William, Mrs. [RG4323]

Folsom, Benjamin R., 1809-1882 [RG4300]

Folsom, Ernest C., -1953 [RG4333]

Fonda, Henry, 1905-1982 [RG4755]

Fontanelle, Logan, 1825-1855 [RG1001]

Ford, Phillip H. and Saville T. [RG4341]

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska [RG4355]

Fort McPherson National Cemetery [RG0952]

Four Footed Fotos, Inc. (Ak-Sar-Ben Horses) [RG5419]

Francis, Robert Maxwell [RG1716]

Frantz, Anna, 188?-1956 [RG4056]

Fredericksen, F.A., 1826-1908 [RG4375]

French Gratitude Train [RG4379]

Friends Cemetery Association (Monroe, Platte County, Nebraska) [RG2429]

Fuller, Clark and Rosalie [RG5027]

Gadd, Ben, Sr., 1905-1995 [RG1954]

Gaddis-Higgins Family [RG1020]

Garden County Historical Society (Oshkosh, Nebraska) [RG4350]

Garner Family (Peru, Nebraska) [RG4983]

Garner, Ralph Everett, 1910-1987 [RG4104]

Gathering Place (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5226]

Gaylord, Lois Rathburn, 1914- [RG5567]

General Tobacco and Candy Company (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG6051]

Germans From Russia [RG4427]

Gibson, John T (alias John Blunt) [RG1024]

Gillespie, H.O., Mrs., 1869- [RG1916]

Gillespie, Edward Ellsworth [RG4432]

Gitchel-Larsen Family [RG3622]

Glad Tidings Assembly of God (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5870]

Gold, Nathan Jules, 1894-1970 [RG3585]

Goranson, Vernon A., Mrs. [RG4441]

Gott, H. Betty (Helen Elizabeth), 1904-1967 [RG5448]

Governor's Mansion Chair Project [RG1792]

Governors' Wives' Dolls [RG2868]

Graf, Burket E., 1918-2007 [RG5624]

Gramlich Family (Sarpy County) [RG5308]

Grant, Ulysses Simpson, 1822-1885 [RG4452]

Gray, Denver David, 1917- [RG1389]

Gray, Rob (Robert Reynolds), 1876-1938 [RG5431]

Greater Omaha Detachment Marine Corps League (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5377]

Green, Norma Kidd and Roy M. [RG3532]

Green, William E. (William Earl), 1925-1945 [RG2025]

Greiner, Loren, 1908-2016 [RG6045]

Griggs, Frederick, 1867-1952 [RG3405]

Groth, Fred, 1883-1984 [RG5065]

Grunwald Family (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5673] Finding Aid pdf

Gund, May (Ida May), 1868-1951 [RG3662]

Gunnerson, Joseph Emanuel, 1884-1947 [RG1961]

Guthrie, Richard T. (Richard Terrell), 1890-1958 [RG4124]

H. Thiessen Pickle Company (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5508]

Habegger and Putnam Families [RG4982]

Hacket, Charles A. 1884-1962 [RG5011]

Hadden-Witte-Schrum Family [RG5250]

Haecker, Archibald Louis, 1872-1936 [RG4476]

Hagenow, August, 1859- [RG4478]

Haines, Clara Wiswall [RG5029]

Hall Brothers/Norfolk Postcard Company (Norfolk, Nebraska) [RG4903]

Hall, Grace Milliken, 1915- [RG4484]

Hamilton, Henry Kingsbury, 1860?-1936 [RG1731]

Harm, William H. (William Henry), 1865-1951 [RG5010]

Harmon Oil Company (Belvidere, Nebraska) [RG5334]

Harmon-Dittmer-Welch Families [RG5216]

Harms, Herman F., 1919-1982 [RG1671]

Harris, Walter R. (Walter Roland) [RG5523]

Hartman, George Edward, 1868-1970 [RG0768]

Hartzell, Laura Belle, 1881-1956 [RG3633]

Hass, Eric, 1905-1980 [RG3703]

Hatfield, John D., 1834-1895 [RG4499]

Havelock Farmers' Institute (Havelock, Nebraska) [RG1618]

Hawkins, Ralph, 1906-1998 [RG6039]

Hayes County, Nebraska [RG3833]

Hayward, Benjamin Darwin [RG4503]

Heart of Our County [RG3834]

Hendee, Alvin M., 1858- [RG3780]

Heritage Picture Collection [RG3835]

Herminghaus, Ernst (Ernst Herman), 1890-1965) [RG5463]

Hicks and Gregory Families [RG4508]

Higgins-Smith, Joan R. [RG1908]

Hildreth, Carson, 1857-1926 [RG1670]

Hill, Asa Thomas, 1871-1953 [RG3562]

Hilsabeck, Terah (Terry) [RG1780]

Hilton, Leon and Martha Foote [RG4511]

Hippinsteele, Lloyd [RG4512]

Historic American Buildings Survey [RG3845]

Historical Markers [RG2201]

History of Western Nebraska and Its People [RG3838]

Hoctor, Emmet C., 1950-2010 [RG4552]

Hole, Charles, 1851-1923 [RG3478]

Hollingworth, Leta Stetter, 1886-1936 [RG0805]

Home and Away Magazine [RG5360]

Hosek Family (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5883]

Houghton, Arthur Boyd, -1875 [RG4571]

Howard, Edgar, 1858-1951 [RG3297]

Howe, Church, 1839-1915 [RG0788]

Hruska, Joseph Casper [RG1819]

Huber, Walter G. (Walter Glenn), 1908- [RG5473]

Huck-Neubauer Family [RG3911]

Huffman's Studio (Miles City, Montana) [RG3951]

Huggins, Mabel Pettit [RG1962]

Hummel, Joseph Benjamin, 1862-1942 [RG5246]

Hummel, Ray Orvin, 1880- [RG3659]

Hutchinson, Duane Douglas, 1929-2007 [RG6038]

Hutto, Leon T. (Leon Truedell), 1912-1978 [RG1887]

Illinois State Historical Society [RG2061]

Illustrated London News [RG2911]

Immenschuk, Quentin and Alice [RG2903]

Indian Affairs, Nebraska Commission on [RG0093]

Industries of Lincoln [RG2070]

Jackson High School (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5374]

Jacobsen, James Robert, 1857-1886 [RG5852]

Jeamby, Edward Louis [RG2082]

Jeffers, William M. Family [RG5354]

Jet Propulsion Laboratory [RG3534]

Johnson Auto Agency (Madison, Nebraska) [RG0756]

Johnson, Albert Litle, 1864-1948 [RG2665]

Johnson, Charles A. (Charles Akers), 1840-1893 [RG1652]

Johnson, George E., II [RG1963]

Johnson, Pussyfoot (William Eugene), 1862-1945 [RG2092]

Jones, Tyre Kinser, 1876- [RG2094]

Jones, Will Owen Family [RG0956]

Jones, William Wesley [RG5191]

Jones, Willis Lee, 1917- [RG4256]

Jorgensen, Ruthalee (Ruthalee Holloway), 1911 [RG5455]

Joy, Oliver T. and Margaret O. Koopman [RG1893]

Joyce, Dick (Richard O.), 1919-1983 [RG5671]

Judicial Branch of Government. Nebraska [RG0772]

Kansas State Historical Society [RG2098]

Keck, Charles, 1875-1951 [RG2103]

Keirle Grading Company [RG5179]

Kennard House (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5306]

Kicken Family (Elsworth, Nebraska) [RG5169]

Kimball County (Nebraska) Album [RG5251]

Kimball, Thomas, 1873-1905 [RG5212]

Kinsey Goods Family [RG5143]

Kirsch, Frederick Dwight, 1899- [RG2115]

Kivett, Marvin Franklin, 1917- [RG0800]

Klasna, Clayton L. (Clayton Lee), 1927-2000 [RG5324]

KN Energy, Inc. (Lakewood, Colorado) [Kansas-Nebraska Gas Co. (Lincoln, Nebraska)] [RG0982]

Knappenberger, Jack R. [RG2117]

Kohl, Frank Federick [RG5130]

Kositzky, James Clarence [RG2896]

Kouwenberg, Dorothy (Vestecka) [RG5849]

Krejci, Fred, 1903-1983 [RG5328]

Kremer Family [RG5660] Finding Aid pdf

Kubie, Raymond and Annette [RG5359]

Kubie-Carnahan Family [RG5202]

Kurz, Rudolph, 1818-1871 [RG2127]

La Leche League of Nebraska [RG2011]

Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of World War I, Department of Nebraska [RG5510]

Ladies Legislative League [RG0829]

Lafferty, Edward Joseph, 1876-1958 [RG5025]

Lamb, Squire, 1815-1890 [RG1561]

Lancaster County Women’s Commission [RG5850]

Langdon, Mabel and Harry [RG1915]

Langworthy, Jessie Tishue [RG1707]

Lee, George Washington [RG6028]

Legislative Information Office [RG1817]

Leist, Jacob H -1950. [RG1874]

Levinson, Harry and Levinson, Ruth Diamond [RG5458]

Lewis, Ida Mae Jessop, 1862-1951 [RG1160]

Lewis, Kenneth P., 1905-1971 [RG1672]

Liggett, F. Eugene (Francis Eugene), 1920- [RG5476]

Likes Studio (Lexington, Nebraska) [RG2151]

Lincoln Aircraft Company, Inc. (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG3540]

Lincoln Airplane and Flying School (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG1475]

Lincoln Bar Association (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG3044]

Lincoln Business College (Lincoln, Nebraska) RG5670]

Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG4987]

Lincoln Electric System [RG2155]

Lincoln General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG1836]

Lincoln Illustrated [RG1965]

Lincoln Interfaith Council (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG3701]

Lincoln Land Company. NE, CO, KA, SD, WY [RG3648]

Lincoln Musicians Union [RG4142]

Lincoln Naturalists’ Club/Audubon Naturalists’ Club (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5320]

Lincoln Steel Corporation [RG2156]

Lincoln: A Kid's Eye View Exhibit [RG5171]

Lincolnettes (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG1182]

Lincoln-Lancaster County Commission on the Status of Women [RG0101]

Loring, William R., 1820- [RG5222]

Loup River Public Power District [RG2422]

Lowden, Jeannie (Jeannie Elizabeth), 1899-1984 [RG1828]

Lutz Family (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5771] Finding Aid pdf

Lyon, Lucy A. (Lucy Ann Schofield), 1865-1931 [RG5485]

Macdonald Studio (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG2183] Finding Aid pdf

Majors, Alexander, 1814-1900 [RG2188]

Mallalieu, Elizabeth [RG5274]

Malone, Robert Thomas, 1891-1963 [RG2759]

Manners, Alfred, 1887-1983 [RG5520]

Many Faces of Nebraska, The (Photo Contest) [RG4977]

Markers and Monuments [RG2200]

Marsh, Frank Irving, 1924-2001 [RG5514]

Marshall, Adabelle Cherry [RG5439]

Marsich, Texas Mary (Mary Theresa Mihalovich) [RG1680]

Marti, David Benjamin, 1877-1970 [RG3698]

Martin Luther Home Society, Inc. (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5481]

Martin, Dave (David Thomas), 1907- [RG3530]

Masters, Joseph Gallio, 1873-1954 [RG1174]

Matthews, Marian Tyler [RG2874]

Mattison, Ray H. (Ray Harold), 1903- [RG4211]

Mauck Studio Collection [RG5705] Finding Aid pdf

Maxwell, Sandra, 1945- [RG5213]

Mazakute, The Five Books Of [RG2219]

McCallum, Jesse and Donald [RG2636]

McCreight, Major I., 1865-1958 [RG6059]

McDowall, Samuel Douglas [RG2225]

McElroy, Herbert, Mrs. [RG2226]

McIntosh, C. Barron (Charles Barron) [RG5410]

McKee, James L. Lincoln, A Photographic History [RG4980]

McPhee, Clare Mary and Marguerite [RG2421]

Mears, Louise Wilhelmina, 1874-1965 [RG2236]

Medal of Honor, Nebraska [RG3524]

Meek, Hattie Ella (Harriet Ella), 1885-1973 [RG0958]

Meisner, Nellie Forsyth [RG5708] Finding Aid pdf

Meredith, Robert T., -1980 [RG1229]

Messer, Lewis J., 1902-1983 [RG2243]

Mexican Folklife Project [RG2898]

Meyer, Richard H. (Richard Hugh), 1926- [RG1702]

Miles, Stella Wilcken, 1886-1988 [RG5618]

Miller, Arthur Lewis, 1892-1967 [RG3713]

Miller, Glenn E., Mrs. [RG2250]

Milligan Auditorium Corporation (Milligan, Nebraska) [RG5028]

Millington, Janet, 1936- [RG5229]

Minnesota Historical Society [RG2257]

Missouri Historical Society [RG2260]

Mohler, Elizabeth Leah (Lapp), 1877-1876 [RG6048]

Montana Historical Society [RG2263]

Moor, Emogene Heston, 1902- [RG4053]

Morley, Grace MacGregor, 1892-1985 [RG1003]

Morley, Thomas, 1917-2002 [RG2270]

Morrill, Charles Henry [RG2274]

Morton, Mark, 1858-1951 [RG2279]

Motion Picture Industry [RG1015]

Mud Springs Branch Museum [RG2282]

Mullins, Gifford D., 1909- [RG4161]

Museum of the Fur Trade [RG4387]

Musical Instruments and Musicians [RG2287]

Musicians Association [RG1969]

Nalley-Halley Family (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5656]

National Cowboy Hall of Fame [RG2290]

National Crane Corporation (Waverly, Nebraska) [RG5516]

National Livestock Feeders Association [RG1966]

National Park Service [RG2291]

Nebco Incorporated [RG5039]

Nebraska Academy of Science [RG2293]

Nebraska Adjutant General [RG2892]

Nebraska Air National Guard [RG1777]

Nebraska Attorney General [RG1850]

Nebraska Centennial Commission [RG3395]

Nebraska Centennial Queen Candidates [RG3394]

Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG1771]

Nebraska Constitutional Convention [RG3477]

Nebraska Council of Churches [RG3709]

Nebraska Department of Economic Development [RG0072]

Nebraska Department of Public Institution [RG0039]

Nebraska Department of Public Instruction [RG4268]

Nebraska Department of Roads [RG0015]

Nebraska Druggists [RG5147]

Nebraska Educational Office Professionals Associations [RG4052]

Nebraska Hall of Fame Busts [RG5024]

Nebraska Highway Department [RG3836]

Nebraska Jewish Historical Society [RG1759]

Nebraska Library Commission [RG0016]

Nebraska Memorial Association [RG3908]

Nebraska Military Academy [RG2249]

Nebraska Motorcycle and Bicycle Company (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5343]

Nebraska Music Teachers Association [RG5782]

Nebraska National Guard [RG2296]

Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital [RG5848]

Nebraska Peace Ribbon Project [RG6083]

Nebraska Photographers [RG9994]

Nebraska Press Association [RG1260]

Nebraska Public Power District [RG0602]

Nebraska Resources [RG1970]

Nebraska School For The Deaf [RG2520]

Nebraska Soil Survey Department [RG1907]

Nebraska State Parole Board [RG2365]

Nebraska State Racing Commission [RG1743]

Nebraska Stock Growers Association [RG5269]

Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG4318]

Nebraskans 1854-1904 [RG2299]

Neligh, Nebraska Collection [RG2303]

Nelson, Harriet Babka [RG5055]

Nichols, Adele (Nora Adele Austin Lefebvre), 1900-1979, and Nichols, Greydon L. [RG3763]

Nielson, Fred K., 1879-1963 [RG2308]

Noble, Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. [RG2313]

Non-Partisan League (Nebraska) [RG2314]

Norby and Ploss Families [RG2315]

Norris, Chauncey (Chauncey Hobart), 1836-1911 and Fannie (Fannie Clarissa Giddings), -1935 [RG5363]

North Star Relief Society (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5387]

Northbranch Church (Avoca, Nebraska) [RG1897]

Northern Ponca Pow Wow #1 [RG5023]

Norton, Lottie Elouise Gove [RG2323]

Noxall Manufacturing Company (Seward, Nebraska) [RG5438]

Oakland, Nebraska, Past and Present [RG2328]

Oblinger, Uriah Wesley, 1842-1901 [RG1346]

O'Connell, Frank Boyd, 1892-1971 [RG3686]

October 1997 Snow Storm (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5482]

O'Donnell, John, 1850- [RG1802]

Official Horses, Fort Robinson (Nebraska) [RG4967]

Old Photo Index Cards [RG9995]

Oldfield, Barney (Arthur Barney), 1909-2004 [RG3702]

Olerich, Henry, 1851-1912 [RG1078]

Olson, Betty (Elizabeth Ann Hanson), 1929-1999 [RG5244]

Olson, James Clifton, 1917-2005 [RG1047]

Omaha Municipal University [RG2338]

Omaha National Bank (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG3523]

Optimist Club (Nebraska) [RG2342]

Opti-Mrs Club (Nebraska) [RG5407]

Orthopedic Hospital [RG2350]

Owen, Reginald Bryan [RG2354]

Pacific Tourist (The) [RG2355]

Paddock, Algernon Sidney, 1830-1897 [RG1451]

Palmer, Arthur L. and Harry O. [RG2031]

Parmenter, Edward C. [RG2913]

Past, Present and Future Of Lincoln, Nebraska [RG0932]

Paxton Cemetery (Paxton, Nebraska) [RG1302]

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Nebraska Chapter [RG5541]

Pearse, Carroll Gardner [RG2370]

Pen and Sunlight Sketches of Lincoln [RG0995]

People’s City Mission (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5558]

Persinger, Albert Benjamin, 1851-1932 [RG2379]

Persinger, Clark Edmund [RG2380]

Peru State Normal College [RG2381]

Peterson, Carl Petrus, 1880-1965 [RG3932]

Peterson, Frederick F. [RG4991]

Philbrick, Inez Celia, 1866-1966 [RG1058]

Philippine Islands [RG2391]

Phillips, Charles N. [RG2392]

Phillips, Frank, 1873-1950 [RG2393]

Photographer's Studios [RG5196]

Pierce, Charles Wilder, 1823?-1903 [RG2399]

Pierson, Margaret Whitley [RG2402]

Plum Creek Station (West of Fort Kearny, Nebraska) [RG1319]

Potter Cemetery Collection [RG5139]

Potter, Ruth (Ruth A. Dunn), 1919- [RG5309]

Pound, Louise, 1872-1958 [RG0912]

Pound, Nathan Roscoe, 1870-1964 [RG0911]

Prettyman, William S. [RG2416]

Prevey, Comodore E., 1872-1957 [RG3674]

Princen, Gladys (Kurth) [RG5652]

Public Power in Nebraska: A Report on State Ownership [RG5211]

Public Service Commission [RG0009]

Pugh-Durbin Families [RG3920]

Quay, Stanley, 1897-1993 [RG1786]

Raasch, Frank O., 1899-1983 [RG5675]

Radke, Franz C., 1890-1966 [RG2427]

Radtke, Elizabeth Seymour [RG2428]

Raliegh Medicine Company [RG5282]

Rankins, Miss. (North Platte, Nebraska) [RG5180]

Rathbone, Samuel Harvey [RG5860]

Rathbun, Sanford M., 1911-1992 [RG1664]

Read, William Harvey [RG3917]

Reed, Guy Euclid, 1890-1959 [RG2444]

Reich, Jaques, 1852-1923 [RG2446]

Reimers, Nellie Cady [RG1746]

Republican Party, National, State, and Local [RG1266]

Reynolds, Charles Alexander, 1844-1876 [RG2453]

Reynolds, Wesley Eugene, 1928- [RG5345]

Rice, A.B. (Abner Bertrun), 1877-1956 [RG5366]

Ricey, Olive Eleanor (Lindgren) [RG5491]

Richards, Harold L. (Harold Lusher), 1889-1983 [RG5375]

Richards, Stephen D. [RG2908]

Rights, Robert and Edith [RG1687]

Riverside Park (Norfolk, Nebraska) [RG5200]

Roberts, Paul Henley, 1891-1971 [RG3941]

Robinson Seed Company [RG2474]

Robinson, Leslie (Senator) [RG2475]

Roeser, Emil F., 1887-1982 [RG0950]

Rogers, Horatio, Mrs. [RG2479]

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 [RG1255]

Roper, Hulda V. Stahnke, 1907-2001 [RG5286]

Rosicky, Rose, 1875-1954 [RG4403]

Ross, Richard G. and Joanna M. [RG1775]

Ruhmann, Myrtle May [RG1874]

Rush, Albert and Ella [RG5433]

Rushton-Cortelyou Family [RG5598]

Russell, Charles Marion, 1864-1926 [RG1262]

Russell, Majors & Waddell [RG2488]

Salem Lutheran Church (Platte County, Nebraska) [RG5176]

Salt-Wahoo Watershed District [RG1267]

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5505]

Samson, Charles A. [RG5680] Finding Aid pdf

Sanborn, John A., 1850-1942 [RG2495]

Sanders Photography (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG5888]

Sandhills Pictures [RG2496]

Sarpy, Peter Abadie, 1805-1865 [RG3653]

Savage and Bell's History Of Omaha, Nebraska [RG1933]

Sawyer, Andrew J., 1844-1924 [RG2511]

Schmidt, Henri Dirks [RG2516]

Schneider, Lynnette [RG2517]

Schrepf, Earl Leonard [RG1299]

Schwind, William Frederick, 1865-1940 [RG2524]

Scott, Esther Ruth, 1895- [RG1305]

Scrimsher, Lila Gravatt, 1898-1974 [RG3718]

Second Congregational Church (Plymouth, Nebraska) [RG3155]

Sehl, Alma Hallberg Frazer [RG2532]

Sellers, James Lee, 1891-1966 [RG2533]

Shamp, Jerome, 1847-1924 [RG2537]

Sharp-Bockhoven Family [RG4998]

Shasteen, Marguerite R. [RG1942]

Shaw Family (Valentine, Nebraska) [RG4887]

Sheldon Manufacturing Company (Nehawka, Nebraska) [RG4074]

Sheldon, Martha (Martha Hermine Jansen), 1903-1994 [RG5243]

Shelley, Ambrose S., 1843-1930 [RG2538]

Sherman, Charles Sumner, 1871-1951 [RG2544]

Simmons, Charles Sheldon, 1887-1975 [RG1383]

Simmons, Robert Glenmore, 1891-1969 [RG3642]

Sims Family (Friend, Nebraska) [RG5576]

Sindt Farm (Naponee, Nebraska) [RG5315]

Skupa-Zezulak Family (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5543]

Smith, Arthur L., Sr. and Smith, Arthur L., Jr. [RG4684]

Smith, Dorothy J., 1920- [RG2562]

Smith, George Oscar, 1852-1957 [RG1413]

Smith, Thurman Amon, 1877-1956 [RG1360]

Smith, White Cloud, 1879-1975 and Smith, Hazel L. (Hazel Armene Lambert), 1901-2002 [RG4248]

Smoke Signal (Pioneers Park) [RG2566]

Social Settlement Association of Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG5337]

Sons of the American Revolution, Nebraska Society [RG2569]

Sorensen, Christian Abraham, 1890-1959 [RG2951]

Sorensen Family (Grand Island, Nebraska) [RG6026]

Soulier, Myrtle Taake [RG5240]

Southworth Sheep Yards [RG2576]

Spade Ranch (Ellsworth, Nebraska) [RG5262]

Spangler, L. (Laura), 1879-1960 [RG1832]

Sparks, George Family [RG5289]

Spencer, Guy R., 1878-1945 [RG1503]

Srb, Hugo F. (Hugo Frank), 1900-1975 [RG4217]

St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Stoddard, Nebraska) [RG3243]

Stabler, Hollis D. (Hollis Dorian), 1818-2007 [RG5474]

Stabler, Hollis Dawes [RG5511]

Stebbins, Willis M., 1863-1941 [RG2594]

Stecher, Joe and Tony [RG5338]

Steckelberg, Carl Frederic, 1877-1960 [RG2595]

Steen Family (Wahoo, Nebraska) [RG5496]

Stefan, Karl, 1884-1951 [RG2624]

Steinberg, Julius P., Mrs. [RG1401]

Stereoscopic Views [RG2604]

Sterling, Charles R. “Joe” [RG5544]

Sterns, Fred H. (Frederick Henderson), 1888?-1951 [RG5091]

Still At North Platte July 7, 1933 [RG2613]

Stocking, George Lane [RG5072]

Stolley, William F., 1831-1911 [RG2617]

Stotsenburg, John Miller, 1858-1899 [RG1421]

Stowers, Hazel Marshall [RG1950]

Strain, T.B. (Thurl B.), 1892-1957 [RG5242]

Strategic Air Command (Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska) [RG1727]

Stromer, Jerry (Gerald A.), 1942- [RG5199]

Struble-Prouty-Riley-Rease-Lamb-Lowell Families [RG5709]

Stubbs, Ruth (Quesnel and District Museum, Quesnel, British Columbia) [RG1742]

Student Historian Chapters (Nebraska) [RG2646]

Sunday, Billy (William Ashley), 1862-1935 [RG5379]

Sunderland Brothers [RG1856]

Sutherland Project [RG2686]

Swingle, Cecile Parrish [RG2696]

Sylvester, Frederick W. [RG2697]

Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930 [RG1690]

Taylor, Andrew Bayard, 1840-1929 [RG1441]

Taylor, Edith Lyman, 1874-1933 [RG5913]

Taylor, Edward Langworthy [RG2698]

Taylor, Elbert Lloyd, 1882- [RG2699]

Taylor, William George Langworthy, 1859-1941 [RG2714]

Teachman, Stanley W. [RG2715]

Teachman, Stanley W. [RG5081]

Teal, Fredrick F., 1875- [RG2716]

Terms Of Endearment [RG2718]

Tesar, Frank Thomas and Helen Faye Kratina [RG5478]

Teysman, John E. and Barbara [RG5873]

Thayer, John Milton, 1820-1906 [RG2720]

Thoene, Richard C. (Richard Carl), 1918-2005 [RG5220]

Thomas, Elmer Alonzo, 1874- [RG2724]

Thomson, Robert D., 1933- [RG5388]

Thornton, Wallace G. [RG2733]

Tintype Collection [RG2741]

Title Pages Collection [RG2742]

Topeka Public Library [RG1473]

Totten, James Milton, -1946 [RG1949]

Toulouse, Laura Belle Cauger [RG1476]

Tout, Wilson (Albert Wilson), 1876-1951 [RG5117]

Traphagen, Charles Vance [RG2753]

Turner, Martha Margaret, 1868-1946 [RG0762]

Tvrdik, Charles Francis, 1903-1962 [RG3511]

Tyrrell, Judy Green [RG5357]

Tyrrell, Judy Greene [RG1734]

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation [RG1205]

U.S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Forestry [RG1726]

U.S. Department of the Army [RG3003]

U.S.S. Omaha (Steamship) [RG5382]

Unidentified Photograph Collection [RG9996]

Union College (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG2757]

United Church of Christ Photograph Album [RG5356]

United Methodist Church, Nebraska Conference [RG5159]

United Nations Association (UNA-USA) [RG1486]

United Spanish War Veterans [RG2578]

United States District Court, District of Nebraska [RG5987]

Van Wyck, Charles Henry, 1824-1895 [RG0844]

Vandervoort Family Collection [RG2776]

Vaughan, Larry E. (Lawrence Edward), 1922- [RG5178]

Vig, Peter Sorenson, 1854-1929 [RG1048]

Wadlow, Irene (Irene Fae Hall), 1922-2001 [RG5453]

Wagner, J. Peter (Johann Peter), 1894- [RG5228]

Wagner, William Lee [RG5847]

Wahoo Culvert Company [RG1706]

Waller, Lottie Neander [RG2789]

Washington, George, 1732-1799 [RG2794]

Watson, B. Frank (Benjamin Franklin), 1899- [RG3689]

Waugh, Samuel C. (Samuel Clark), 1890-1970 [RG1537]

Wauneta Roller Mill (Wauneta, Nebraska) [RG1508]

Wayne State Teachers College [RG2799]

Weaver’s Potato Chip Company, Inc. [RG5640]

Weber, Kappie (Audrey) [RG1790]

Weed, Kenneth Ralph [RG2805]

Weisgerber, Shirley and Bob [RG2806]

Wells, William L. Family [RG5148]

Welsch, Olive Cornelia Brayton, 1901-1997 [RG5654]

Wentz, Harry Maurice, 1892- [RG3732]

Western Publishing and Engraving [RG2810]

Western Stereographic Company [RG5049]

Westland Studios (Neligh, Nebraska) [RG5003]

Westover, Ada Maude Stidworthy, 1899- [RG2811]

Wheeler County, Nebraska [RG2813]

Wherry, Kenneth Spicer, 1892-1951 [RG3559]

Whisenand, Margaret Long [RG2814]

White, Henry Adelbert, 1880-1951 [RG2816]

Whitesel, George, 1885- [RG5264]

Wickersham, Bob (William Robert), 1948- [RG5370]

Wiley, Faye (Faye Leone Auble), 1911-? [RG5189]

Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation [RG1951]

Williams, Charles E. [RG2821]

Williams, Jess, 1892-1977 [RG5236]

Williamson, John William, 1850-1927 [RG2710]

Wilson, Everett Pitt, 1868-1956 [RG1063]

Wilson, Howard Stebbins, 1894-1958 [RG1572]

Wilson, John Melvin, 1851-1915 [RG6087]

Winnebago, Nebraska [RG2829]

Wolf, Friederich Wilhelm, 1830-1914 [RG5201]

Woman’s Relief Corps (Omaha, Nebraska) [RG3580]

Woman’s Reief Corps, Farragut Relief Corps Number 10 (Lincoln, Nebraska) [RG2629]

Campaigns in Wales

Dolbadarn Castle, built in the 13th century by Prince Llywelyn the Great of Gwynedd © This was a lesson that Henry took some time to learn. He made a similar mistake with Becket and the Church over the Constitutions of Clarendon and also with Wales, though here he was as much a victim of bad luck as of bad judgement. The Welsh princes had always enjoyed a somewhat ambivalent relationship with their technical Norman overlords. During Stephen's reign, they had been able to regain some of the territory they had lost to the Norman barons in Wales, who had been carving out private empires since the days of King William I. Henry set out to stop the rot. He mounted three punitive campaigns into Wales between 1157 and 1163, which reasserted royal authority over the princes of Gwynedd and Deheubarth, the major principalities in Wales.

Then he overreached himself. In 1163, he attempted to firmly define his rights as feudal overlord of the Welsh princes by demanding oaths of vassalage from them at the Council of Woodstock. The Welsh rebelled and Henry responded in 1165 with a major campaign. It was the largest military venture attempted in his reign, but as such it was unwieldy and suffered from the inherent problems of campaigning in Wales: bad weather, poor supply lines and difficult terrain. Despite that, it would have succeeded if he hadn't picked the wettest summer in memory to mount the campaign. He was quite literally washed out of the Welsh valleys.

In 1163, he attempted to firmly define his rights as feudal overlord of the Welsh princes.

After that, Wales was never a high enough priority for Henry to bother again. He left the Welsh to their own devices, and only paid any real attention when the Welsh themselves rebelled in 1183 (in response to the technical defaulting of Glamorgan into royal hands on the death of its lord). The Welsh meanwhile continued to encroach onto the lands of the Norman barons, even overrunning the royal castles of Cardigan and Rhuddlan.

Silver Star – World War II

The Silver Star Medal is the United States' third highest award exclusively for combat valor, and ranks fifth in the precedence of military awards behind the Medal of Honor, the Crosses (Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross/Air Force Cross), the Defense Distinguished Service Medal (awarded by DOD), and the Distinguished Service Medals of the various branches of service. It is the highest award for combat valor that is not unique to any specific branch it has been bestowed by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines. It may be given by any one of the individual services to not only their own members, but to members of other branches of service, foreign allies, and even to civilians for "gallantry in action" in support of combat missions of the United States military.

At the beginning of World War II the newly-established (1932) Silver Star Medal was still exclusively a U.S. Army (War Department) award. For this reason, most of the earliest WWII awards to members of all branches of service were presented by the Army. For their heroism on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor, 49 members of the Army and Army Air Force received the first Silver Stars of the war.

When General Douglas MacArthur presented Silver Stars to Marine Private Alexander Katchuck and Private First Class Charles Greer for their actions in the Philippine Islands on December 29, 1941, the two men became the first Marines of World War II to receive the Silver Star. Army awards of the Silver Star were awarded to additional Marines and U.S. Naval personnel early in 1942, the majority for gallantry in the Philippine Islands prior to the fall of Corregidor. The fact that the Silver Star was solely an Army award explains why, though members of the Navy earned 15 Medals of Honor at Pearl Harbor, none were awarded the Silver Star. (Rather, most USN/USMC Pearl Harbor heroes received the Navy Marine Corps Medal.

On August 7, 1942, nearly a year after World War II began, by Act of Congress in Public Law 702, (77th Congress) award of the Silver Star was expanded to the Navy Department. The act providing for retroactive awards by the Navy to sailors and Marines for actions on or after December 7, 1941. Ultimately, three members of the Navy and one Marine were presented the Navy Silver Star for their actions at Pearl Harbor.

Due to the sheer number of WWII awards of the Silver Star (nearly 100,000 Army awards alone) we ask for your patience as we build this area of the database. Below are some of the pages currently available on the WWII awards.

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About the Home

Hunter’s Home is the only remaining pre–Civil War plantation home in Oklahoma. A kitchen garden, field crops, orchards, animals, and a mercantile store give visitors a window into life on a antebellum Cherokee plantation.

Visitors can experience living history season from Labor Day through Memorial Day, featuring living history interpreters demonstrating nineteenth-century trades, chores, cooking, gardening, and crafts. Living history activities are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The home is a National Historic Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and part of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

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William Booth

William Booth began The Salvation Army in 1865 as a means to help the suffering souls throughout London who were not willing to attend – or even welcomed into – a traditional church.

Thieves, prostitutes, gamblers, and drunkards were among his first converts to Christianity, and as his ministry grew, the gospel of Jesus Christ was spread far and wide to the poor, the vulnerable, and the destitute.

Though General Booth died in 1912, he laid a firm foundation for the lifesaving work that The Salvation Army continues to perform today in over 100 countries.

Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth was known as the “Army Mother.” In her world, women had few rights,no place in the professional sphere, and a minimal presence in church leadership.

Yet in her marriage to William Booth, she became an evangelist, preacher, theologian, and co-founder of The Salvation Army.

A truly passionate Christian, Catherine believed that loving God meant loving people through action. Her legacy of love, sacrifice, and service continues to shape The Salvation Army today.

Evangeline Booth

The seventh child of William and Catherine Booth, Eva Cory Booth was a gifted speaker, musician, and leader sent by her father to spread The Army’s mission in North America.

During her 30 years as national commander in the United States, Evangeline was responsible for the volunteers who served as chaplains and “Doughnut Girls” during World War I, and also for the division of the country into four territories.

In 1934, Evangeline became The Army's fourth general. She left America on the highest crest of love and popularity she had ever known, and retained her American citizenship until her death in 1950.

Joe the Turk

Though often considered a rude and even obnoxious rule-breaker, “Joe the Turk” opened many important doors for Salvationists across America.

With an inherent passion for protecting the persecuted, he eventually traded in his drinking and smoking habits for a life as a Christian, where he went on to serve as a spirited captain in The Salvation Army until 1925.

Famous for his colorful ministry and attention-getting antics, Joe was often “jailed for Jesus,” and he became known as a spiritual father to thousands of formerly lost souls.

Eliza Shirley

Eliza Shirley pioneered the establishment of The Salvation Army in the United States.

After faithfully serving with the Booths in London’s East End as part of “The Christian Mission,” a 17-year-old Eliza followed God’s call to America.

There she joined her parents (who had recently immigrated to Philadelphia for work), and swiftly began her work for The Army. Her humble mission grew into a nationwide presence of peace and hope for those most in need.

George Scott Railton

After serving as the Booths’ family secretary in London, George went on to establish The Salvation Army’s presence in New York.

His talent for languages and love of travel also helped him pave the way for Salvationist work in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, China, and Japan.

In addition to creating Army song books in Zulu and Dutch and beginning the Army and Navy League for Salvationist servicemen away from home, Railton founded the Prison Gate work for recently released prisoners.

Samuel Logan Brengle

Well known as a minister to The Salvation Army's officers and soldiers in the United States, Brengle served for 30 years.

He believed that those who seek God “burst into flame” when they first touch Him and that they can bring those “left out in the cold” to His light.

To Brengle, the Corps was a sacred place from which the love and power of God could be communicated to all entire cities could be energized and "lit up" by the prayer of soldiers who had “caught the flame.”

The Salvation Army Mission Statement

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

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